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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Garage studio

House Call: Garage Studio by Shed Building Design 

Issue 1 · Cabin Rustic · January 5, 2009
We love Shed Building Design's transformation of a detached garage in Seattle into a functional, loftlike apartment. The 320-square-foot space features a faceted ceiling, which is designed to guide warm air to the triangular vent window for passive ventilation. Partners Prentis Hale and Thomas Schaer devised innovative space-saving strategies throughout: a support beam functions as a kitchen pot rack, and a bookshelf is tucked in the interior eaves.
Shed Garage Studio Exterior Before
Shed Garage Studio Exterior
Shed Garage Studio Interior
Shed Garage Studio Living Room
Shed Garage Studio Kitchen
Shed Garage Studio Stairs
Shed Garage Studio Loft
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