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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Blogging the NYTimes: The Primal Loft

Blogging the NYTimes: The Primal Loft

We are always on the look out for articles that promote, confirm, or recognize loft living as the trend we think it to be. So we were thrilled to see the following headline from this past weekend’s edition of The New York Times Real Estate section: The Primal Loft.

The article describes the time period in Manhattan 30 years ago when loft spaces were occupied by struggling artists living in barely converted industrial spaces. Turns out, despite the commercialization of “loft-like” spaces, there are still people living this way, for cheap, out in Brooklyn. The
article is worth reading. Here are a couple highlights:
“But it is not a time capsule for just him. Watching this movie during its run here in late summer was a voyage to a distant past for New Yorkers who remember when ‘loft’ meant something quite different from the ‘luxury apartment with huge windows’ that it has come to signify.”
“There was a romance attached to loft living in those days; they seemed bohemian and sexy. But it wasn’t always easy.”


Photography by Christian Hansen for The New York Times

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