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Friday, August 2, 2013

Loft Tour: Kayce and Marcus’s Bushwick Adventure

Loft Tour: Kayce and Marcus’s Bushwick Adventure


Six stops out of the island of glass, past the million dollar condos in Williamsburg, off the L train Morgan stop, and across from the fortune cookie factory is Marcus and Kayce’s loft. Simple but beautiful, this 900 square foot loft has the space to cook large meals and hold low-key record parties.

Photography by Vincent Sacco

Names: Kayce and Marcus
Ages: 25 and 27, respectively.
Day Jobs: He’s a graphic designer, she’s an aspiring actress.
Cats’ names: Guido and Sunny
Age of Cats: 3 years and 2 months, respectively.
Square footage: 900 sq. ft.
Exact Neighborhood: Right on the edge of East Williamsburg and Bushwick.
What was the original purpose of the building?: It was a knitting factory.
How long have you lived there?: A year in November.
Kayce’s favorite thing: The bathroom. Designing an apartment with no walls is tough sometimes. The bathroom is the only area I can truly say I feel is complete. Perhaps because of its more intimate size, I was able to focus on making it reflect a combination of our tastes, as well as pull the eye to the collections of things we’ve gathered together in our relationship. Every item has meaning. From the turkey feather, tiny dagger, and old firecrackers that we got from Marcus’s granddad to the vintage vials of aspirin that we got on a road trip, it’s all a tribute to the adventures we’ve had and the people we love. It’s a nice place to wash up every morning.
Marcus’s favorite thing: The turn tables.


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