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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Old Garage Turned Lovely Home in the UK

Old Garage Turned Lovely Home in the UK
Via: the guardian

A few weeks ago, I posted about a garage turned gorgeous mini house in Seattle. Recently, I found another great example of how a small garage space can be turned into a functional and chic little home. Check out this gorgeous home created by owner Owner Darren Isaacs and Knott Architects in the heart of Camden in the UK.
The upstairs includes the living and dining space, an open floor plan which uses high-reaching bookshelves (with a bespoke ladder) to maximize space. The TV and dishes are hidden behind the tall, white cabinets. The space has been maximized by putting cupboards in the eaves, hiding appliances, and hanging pots and pans from suspending beams. It's hard to believe that the main room is only 85 square feet!
The staircase was made from a single ribbon of cold, rolled steel, sitting next to the beautiful calf-skin LCW chair by Charles and Ray Eames.

The bedroom sits downstairs where it has an ensuite wetroom (shilded by frosted glass) and innovative sliding wardrobe that also serves as a wall divider. Every little inch of space seems to be maximized to its potential. What was once a garage, and later a couple of interconnecting bedsits, was beautifully converted into a adorable little abode. Another genius example of how to get a lot out of what, at first glace, seems like a little.

For more images and the full article, head on over to The Guardian.
(Images: The Guardian UK)

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