bock_2_8_12before.jpg This master bedroom needed a modern update and some TLC in order to transform it from drab 1980's tract style into a sleek and sophisticated sanctuary.

When you live in a home for awhile, it is easy to get used to certain architectural elements that may not be helping a space out. This space had a large soffit surrounding the room that seemed to enclose it in a negative way. With no structural significance and enough natural light in the room, it was time to open up the space by removing the soffit for a modern look.

Fresh paint using Restoration Hardware's Slate and a bright white for the ceiling accentuates the existing architectural angles of the room. Modern furnishings and a gorgeous chandelier from Ochre replace the outdated ceiling fan. Finally, the upholstered bed, belgian linen bedding, and soft silk draperies add warmth to the room.

Images: Claire Bock