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Friday, December 18, 2015

Slanted Wall Built-in's With Hidden Storage
A couple of months ago my sister and her husband hit me up with a challenge. To help makeover a room off of their bedroom/bathroom. They wanted this slanted wall, A-frame, type room to be a closet/laundry room with built-in's. I was totally up for the challenge, but we only had 6 days to do it....eeek!
With a lot of hard work, and craziness (we each have six kids :) we were able to pull it off! I designed and constructed built-in's to cover each slanted wall complete with a roll out middle section for access to a hidden storage area! It is perfect solution to making an awkward space beautiful and useful too!
For more details check out my blog post!
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Before, of one side, of the room, you can see we had a long way to go in 6 days...My sister had taped and mudded once before I arrived. We sanded, mudded, and sanded again so we could paint the walls.
slanted wall built in s with hidden storage, closet, diy, shelving ideas, storage ideas
After cutting and painting the plywood I began building the shelves using pocket holes.
I built six sections, four that would be built-in (above). Each had a hanging section and shelves. The two middle sections were just for hanging clothes.
I added castors to the bottom of the middle sections.
These are the 2x4 bases that the four built-in sections would sit on. I secured them to the floor and wall with screws. Then I added the shelves and attached them to the bases and walls.
Here is what they look like all secured and without the trim. The trim is the magical touch, and makes all the difference in the world to finish off the project
This is a shot of the other side of the room, and don't forget that middle section rolls out!! See my blog for more photos and details.

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