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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Multipurpose Attic Renovation

Multipurpose Attic Renovation

Will Carol Reitz succeed in transforming her cluttered attic into an exercise room and home office.
Ever since Carol Reitz settled into her home nine years ago, she has used her attic as a storage room for pillows, wrapping paper and boxes of miscellaneous items. The mess has grown so big over the years that even her pooch Maddie gets lost as soon as she sets paws up there. In fact, she's has forbidden Maddie from entering the room because of all the clutter.
She envisions renovating the 12 x 20-foot room into a recreational area, while still keeping some room for storage. Helping her achieve this goal is professional organizer Crystal Sabalaske.

Carol has her work cut out for her with this room renovation. There's barely any space to walk around, much less set up a workout area.
The crawlspace has been unfinished and ignored completely. There are so many items piled in front of it she can't get inside.
The first step is to clear out the mess. Crystal suggests sorting through all of the things out and placing them into piles to make things easier to find. Also in the plan is a custom-made cabinet for storing these items as well as a window seat for her pillow collection.
Three weeks later, the space has been completely reworked and is now a haven for relaxation, according to Carol. She can't wait to spend time in the room, and now Maddie can be a part of it, too.
The 12 x 20-foot attic is now an inviting multipurpose room. There are specific areas for reading, working, watching television or just having conversation.

The cedar-lined window seat shows off her pillow collection that she changes out with the seasons. Maddie likes it so much that Reitz hasn't yet used the storage space that was built in underneath.
The black laminate desk was purchased to match the decor and has been placed in the far corner of the room. She decided to accessorize the desk with a lamp made out of one of the birdhouses her father created.
Gary Williams, owner of The Fix-it Guy, created this custom cabinet, and Crystal suggested the storage bins inside. Room was saved on the top of the shelf for displaying some of Carol's extensive pottery collection.
Remember that crawlspace we mentioned? Carol felt it was too dark and creepy to even enter, but Crystal has changed all that.
Mission complete. The changes to Carol Reitz's attic have far exceeded her expectations, and she looks forward to spending much more time there.
Sabalaske's Tips:
  • Sort things in stages.
  • Create piles by category.
  • Store wrapping by holiday.
  • Make sure storage baskets are lined.
Makeover Information
Products from The Container Store:
vertical gift-wrap organizer
black granite desktop 54" x 24" x 1'
matte black desk-height cube
black single shelf for desk cube
scarf and jewelry organizer
white three-drawer storage box
12-pack archival photo envelopes
sweater drawer
square storage box
clear storage trunk with handle
archival album storage box
wide white 10-runner frame
wide flush-mount melamine top
wide white one-runner drawer
wide white two-runner drawer
wide white three-runner drawer
set of four casters with white adapters
four-pack drawer in-out stops
6-foot white ventilated 20" shelf
80" white easy hang top track
clear wide drawer liner
36" white hang standard
60" white hang standard
five-pack wall anchors for 1/2" or 5/8" drywall
10-pack wood screws and masonry wall anchors
four-pack wall anchors for 1" plaster or 5/8" drywall
Products from Lillian Vernon:
rattan storage bench
shopping-bag holder
beige-gold over-the-door organizer
white shelf dividers S-4
24 cedar cubes
pivoting light bar
Benjamin Moore paint colors used:
3 gallons #60 Rich Brown latex floor and patio enamel
5 gallons Gerbera Daisy, latex flat finish
1 gallon latex Atrium White flat finish
3 gallons latex Atrium White semigloss
2 gallons primer for latex paint
Louis De Porterer Rug:
Color: Black Malayer
Pattern: Samarkand

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