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Friday, June 15, 2012

Storybook Attic Girl's Bedroom Makeover

Storybook Girl's Bedroom Makeover

Host Joan Steffend and designer Nadia Ramirez decorate a girl's bedroom in a storybook theme.
The walls are brought to life with a faux linen paint finish. They mix lavender paint, glaze and water in equal parts, then begin applying the mixture with a roller brush in three-foot sections. Ramirez then pulls a specialty brush through the wet paint both horizontally and vertically to create a linen look. Tip:It's much easier to work with a partner when completing this finish — one to roll on the paint and another to work the brush.

Custom book-themed headboards are created out of inexpensive MDF. The board is cut in the shape of an open book, then treated with two coats of primer and one coat of white paint. Ramirez uses watered-down gold paint to create the stripes for the pages and uses a ruler to keep the handwritten lines straight.

The beds are dressed with new sheets and comforters and dainty bed canopies made out of wall plaques and sheer shower curtains. The curtains are secured to the plaques with teacup hooks attached around the outside of the plaque.
The nook by window becomes a secret hideaway with the addition of a twin bed and painted doors. They create a plywood platform for the bed and cover the end with a piece of decoratively painted wood. Ramirez cuts MDF into a door shape, paints the exterior to look like a bookshelf then hinges them to 1x4s attached to the wall outside the nook.

The homeowner's trunk is used as a side table between the beds. A new lamp adds ambiant lighting. The dresser and desk are embellished with paper doll cutouts decoupaged onto the surface.
Memory books are created out of an old book and wood plaques.

Itemized Design Elements
$60 - paint and glaze (Hirshfield's: Sugar Plum - #70144; glaze)
$6 - craft paint (Plaid: FolkArt - Hot Pink #634, Kelly Green #407, Pure Orange #628, True Blue #401, Buttercup #905, Cardinal Crimson #20590)
$15 - MDF board
$95 - bedding (bed skirts: Target - Waverly, Field of Flowers Cottage Collection; comforter sets: TJ Maxx - Designer's Guild, Kadesa #062K2790; sheet set: TJ Maxx - Designer's Guild, Kadesa #11666)
$65 - two bed canopies (shower curtains: TJ Maxx - Garden Grows Pockets, SCH0335-7MUAPSD)
$25 - plywood platform
$15 - twin sheet set
$30 - pillows (TJ Maxx)
$7 - cafe rod
$20 - shelf
$20 - art (TJ Maxx: #072258)
$30 - doors
$20 - lamp (TJ Maxx)
$30 - rug (TJ Maxx: #072258)
$30 - pillows
$8 - memory book (wood wall plaques: Michaels)
$476 - Total Cost


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