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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cottage of the Week: Crackington Haven

One of my favorite things to blog about are cottages and this one has all the qualities I dream about when it comes to cottages: Charm? Check! Ocean views? Check! Beach? Check! Privacy? Check! Oh, the list really goes on and on.

I haven’t been to the UK yet but if there’s a place I’d love to know it’s Cornwall. This gorgeous cottage is located in Crackington Haven, a tiny village surrounded by majestic beaches and cliffs, and looking at these pictures I couldn’t imagine a more romantic place to share a life with.

Imagine yourself in this place… and bring someone you love with you.


The cottage blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

Stone Walls

Stone cottages are always so romantic.


Rustic and charming.


How welcoming! I adore the main space of this cottage.

For Two

Cozy up with an ocean view.

Special Touch

Tulips are my favorite flowers. I love this picture! Notice the stone walls outside.


Small but practical. I especially like the Dutch doors.


Just above the kitchen you’ll find a great place to cuddle with your favorite book and a cup of cocoa.

Great choice of furnishings and colors.

Master Bedroom

This is so adorable! Just how a cozy cottage bedroom should be.


Stunning floors.


The guest bathroom is simple but I don’t think you need more than this in a cottage.

Guest Bedroom

You really don’t need much space to make a room feel comfortable and welcoming.


Stone homes has a timeless look.

Al Fresco

Picture perfect! Oh, I’m missing the sunshine and being able to stay outside.


This is a cafe located in Boscastle, near the cottage.


The Boscastle village.


Can you imagine going to the village, coming back with some local food and have a picnic at the beach?


The drive back from the village to the cottage.




I could have some fun in this place.

Crushed Sunset

Imagine yourself here… hearing the waves crashing at the shore.
I truly feel happy when I find cottages like this one where I could picture myself staying at. Seeing places like this one just makes me fall even more in love with simpler interiors. There’s something so inviting about smaller rooms, where anyone could feel comfortable. I think we all should have homes that feel more like cottages: uncomplicated.

Have a wonderful and uncomplicated day! ;-)

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