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Monday, July 2, 2012

Whimsical Attic Bonus Room

Whimsical Bonus Room
A growing family gets help pulling together a whimsical bonus room for less than $500.

Seating Area After
The accent is on fun as host Joan Steffend and designer Kim Wahl help redo a family bonus room.
Wall Paint – $86
The walls were divided into quadrants and then painted two shades of olive green. To delineate the two shades, white lines were created by laying a strip of painters tape down the walls and on the creases where the walls angle upward.
* wall paint: Ace – Log Jam 81-A and High Prairie 81-B
Curtains – $53
A fun, retro fabric was chosen for the curtains. The circular design brings all the colors of the room together.
* fabric: JoAnn – Wheelie Olive 7706187
* silver curtain rod: Wal-Mart – Mainstays 2145827
Circle Wall Art – $35
Colorful decals to match the curtains are made from plastic place mats. Circles in a variety of colors and sizes are painted on the round place mats. Clear self-adhesive paper is adhered to the back of the place mats so they can be hung on the walls.
Armoire – $70
The homeowner's armoire is converted to a storage unit for costumes and toys for the little girls of the home. The armoire is painted orange, and a pretty floral accent is added to the top. The upper doors and shelves were removed and replaced with a dark-green curtain for a more feminine touch.
* paint: Ace – Pawnee 46-A
Mirrors – $21
A variety of mirrors are hung in a graphic pattern by the costume armoire for a glamorous Hollywood effect.
* circle mirror: Ikea – Sorli, 800.740.11
rectangle mirror: Ikea – Ram, 13400
Stage – $46
An old desktop is transformed into a little stage for the imaginary play and costume area. The underside is reinforced with wooden 2 x 4s and then wheels are added to make it portable. A coat of paint, some decorative detail and a little skirt complete the platform.
Toy Storage – $47
Additional toy and game storage was created with ready-made shelving units. A new coat of orange paint adds just the right pop of color.
* shelves: Emerson Storage Solutions – ClosetMaid
Shelves – $9
The shelves that were taken out of the armoire are painted orange and hung by the TV for media storage.
Ottoman Slipcover – $10
A large, round inflatable ottoman is covered in a green slipcover that was made from a duvet cover. The leftover fabric was used to make the curtain in the armoire.
* Duvet: Ikea – Tanja, 100.801.24
Desks – $10
An old dining table that was in the homeowner's basement is converted into two drawing tables. The table is split in half and then painted. Then the two halves are fastened to the wall. The circular pattern in the curtains is repeated on the seats of the two stools.
Lamp – $30
A plain floor lamp is given new life with a plastic shade that has been painted bright orange. For a little pizzazz, scrapbook paper was cut into circles and clipped onto the bottom of the lampshade.
* lamp: Ikea – Samtid, 15508
Accessories – $77
To complete the makeover, new throw pillows are added to the homeowner's couch, and a variety of accessories are scattered around the room.
* orange beaded trim: Michaels – It's So Me!
plastic orange baskets: Dollar Tree – Tradewind Bay
desk lamps: Ikea – Lampan, 900.554.13
Total = $494


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