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Monday, October 1, 2012

Attic Family Room

Attic Family Room


Here are images taken in a renovated attic that was turned into a multi-functional family room.

The color palate chosen for the decor was mostly neutrals with "punches" of red in the accessories.

The upholstered sofa, curtains and cushions soften the angles of the attic and the hard surfaces of the walls and closets.

An office corner was curved between the closets. Using the same wood as the closets unifies the room.

A small eating/game table was placed in one of the room's corners.

In another corner an art/play area was made for young children.

Beautiful custom made cabinet facing and door were made for the room. The use of beautiful wood and the built in shelves turned the closet wall to a decorative element in the room. 

The TV was placed under the eaves using an un-useful attic space.


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