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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Combination Bar, Game Room and Craft Center

Run My Renovation: A Combination Bar, Game Room and Craft Center


It's great to have a bonus room, but not if you don't know what to do with it. These homeowners had trouble deciding – she wanted a scrapbooking room and he wanted a man cave. So, they agreed to let us completely renovate the space -- but we let you decide how we do it. You voted on new cabinets, flooring, wall color and more. Browse through the slides to see what you picked.

Hide-Away Scrapbooking

The crafting corner is tucked away within the raised-panel cabinets that you chose for the homeowners.
For the walls, you voted for a contemporary color palette that includes soft blue and deep brown.


Closet Becomes a Bar

We asked you to pick a fun accessory for the room – either scrapbooking supplies or vintage Rolling Stone magazine covers. You can see what won the vote on the shelf over the bar.

Media Center

We asked you to vote on the pattern of the flooring tile. You chose the style called "popcorn" which is very appropriate for the gaming area.


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