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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apartment With Amazing Attic

Apartment With Amazing Attic



Who:Rebecca, her husband Mike and their three daughters
What:A beautiful old country house
Style:Warm and traditional with modern touches


Rebecca is an interior designer, so doing up a beautiful country home was an easy decision to make. The homeowners wanted to turn the house into an ongoing family project for themselves and their girls Sydney, Grace and McKenna.

Decorating a home from scratch
1. Mesh comfort and style. 'It's about finding new uses for old things. We sat on every sofa we could find locally. The EKTORP was the most comfortable,' says Rebecca.

2. Make storage paramount. Finding solutions for the kitchen was Rebecca's priority. 'Open shelves are a new thing for me. There's no built in storage here, so I keep everything in baskets to make shelves easier to clean.'

3. Constantly recreate your bedroom. 'Hanging a panel of fabric behind the bed gives me a headboard I can easily update when I want a change.'

The story

After stints living in America and England, Rebecca and Mike packed their possessions into the back of their car and headed to a remote corner of France to begin their new life in a lovely old home. Upon arrival they created a cosy and warm space using accessories and textiles.

Changing your life completely
Rebecca and Mike uprooted their life, although they insist the move wasn't as scary as it sounds. Rebecca had travelled a lot as a child, and Mike had moved homes a lot too. The couple wanted to show their daughters that home was more than just four walls, it's about memories and the people you share them with.

Finding the perfect home
Rebecca knew as soon as she walked into the house that it was the perfect place for her family. Although her husband was hesitant, Rebecca managed to convince him. They moved in without any furniture and camped out for three days, finally making a trip to IKEA for all their basics.

Girls' rooms
The house was built without children's bedrooms! Rebecca had originally planned to make a room for all the girls in the attic, but her daughters weren't too pleased! The eventually created three bedrooms for the girls to design and decorate as they liked.


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