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Sunday, December 18, 2011


I was told by many people that drywall is a job that should be done by professionals. Well... maybe. Maybe not. It is not nuclear science. Really. Two issues I had to deal with regarding dry wall were:
One - how to get 50 sheets into the attic (each is 4X8sf.)
Two - how to hang it alone, especially on the 12 ft high ceiling.

I compared the prices and shipping in a few home improvement stores and a few private stores. At the end I bought the drywall at Lumbar 84. The plan was that they will deliver the sheets on a track that have a crane and that they will get the drywall into the attic threw the attic window. Good plan isn't it?

In reality, when the truck got here, it could not get close enough to the house to do that. So the driver downloaded all he drywall to our parking space. Oh well.

Since each sheet is very heave I cut all of them either to a prices size or by half and my husband and I howled all the pieces to the attic. Not fun at all.

And now to hanging all these sheets. Since you need at least three people to hang drywall (two hold it and one screws it to the studs it was clear that I have a problem here. And evan if I had some assistance, we would not be able to hang the drywall on the top ceiling.  So I bought a drywall lift. You can rent one in True Value etc. I decided to bay one since I knew it would take me at least a few weeks to finish hanging all the sheet and it was cheaper to bay one then to rent one. I bought mind on EBAY for 150$. It was worth every cent. The lift holds the sheet tight to the wall/ceiling and allows one person (big/small/short/tall) to hang it alone. It also reached the highest point of the ceiling so all I had to do is to set a ladder close, climb on it and screw the drywall to the ceiling studs. The most difficult part in this process was to make sure I will not fall of the ladder.

In the picture avove you can see the built-in shelves I added in the dormer.

 You can see here the drywall lift - my new BFF.

And the drywall was hang. It took me a few weeks to complete hanging it. But I did that.

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