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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well after two months of studding and hanging the drywall it was time to mud the drywall.

The most impotent thing in mudding is patience.
The basic method consists of applying a strip of mash type or paper tape with some mud over the seams between the drywall sheets. After that dries two more coats of mud are added. Then comes sanding. Everyone hate this part. It is dirty and messy. I was told by many that only professionals can do a good job mudding. Since bad mudding shows - that's a problem. As I stated before - I am not a pro at this. So I went to work.

I found that if you smooth the mud in Every layer with the trowel that is used for applying the mud to the drywall - you do not have a lot of sanding to do. This is the key to smooth surface. Careful mudding and smoothing as you go. And no - you really do not have to be a pro at this. All you need is patience. Again - the most dangerous part here is the risk of falling of the ladder. So be careful. Another thing - there are different tools made for applying the mud. I found that since I have a small hand the most comfortable tool for me was a 6" trowel and nothing eider then that. Try and see for yourself.

By the way, one of the most important things you need for any renovation is plenty of old cloths you can where and destroy in the process.

The mudding took me three more weeks. This is how it looked during and after it was done.

The dormer:

As you can see in the pictures, for the outside corners I used metal that protects them before mudding. For the inside corners I used stripes of metal that are attached to paper.

Mudding takes time and mostly patience. That's all. Since I took my time and smoothed the mud as I applied it, I only needed light sanding. 

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