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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lets start

So now, where to start?
I cleaned the attic and stored all we had there under the eves. I covered all of the stuff I had stored with plastic to keep it from the dust.

Then I decided to do a Small part of the attic as a "pilot" and test my abilities on this small space. I studded the wall and drywalled it. Then I found that the wall was not leveled. So...... I took it apart and re-did it (all in all three times until I got a leveled wall. It's a good thing that it was a small wall). This try and error process taught me how to stud and hang drywall. The impotent thing is make sure you place the studs 16" (om center) of each other - this will be helpful when you hang the drywall later on. At this point I also added built-in shelves on one of the walls.

And then I studded the whole space. It took about 100 2X4 studs (about 300$ including screws and nails). I also studded the ceiling so the drywall would have something to cling to.

The dormer:

The northern side of the attic:

Middle of the room with the chimney:

Then I decided where I would like the electricity to be and I "planted" plastic tunnels that later the electrician could use for the electric wires. This way he would not have to destroy the drywall.
At this point all the tools I needed and used were circular saw, measuring tape, hammer and a drill. And after a few weeks - the attic was studded. Yeehaa.

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