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Monday, December 26, 2011


In this post I will start posting inspirational pictures of attic and other related rooms/diy/products etc. Here are some beautiful attics to be inspired by. Here is a mix of some:

In both attics you can see that the decorator worked WITH the vaulted ceilings as they are an architectural element. The extensive use of white adds to the light and airy feelings in both rooms. Also, by using the with as a backdrop, the rest of the colors do not overwhelm.

My plan was to use the same colors I already used in the rest of our home in the attic also. This way the attic will be connected visually to the rest of the house. The colors I used were white and different shades of beige's and desert colors. My plan was to add other colors as accents in furniture and accessories so the space will not be boring. The next picture actually has the basic color scheme I want for the attic.

This picture is not really of an attic but one can take ideas and be inspired by it. Isn't it amazing?

Here one can see a great use of space. The bed is built as a loft. That gives some separation between different areas of the attic and some privacy too. This way when you eat or lounge you do not feel as if you are in a bedroom.

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