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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bed Time

Bed Time

An imaginative use of space in this charming bunkroom creates a child's dream retreat.
From Coastal Living. Brian Vanden Brink
Why We Love It - This little bunkroom in a vacation house from Coastal Living magazine is tucked under the eaves, with charming nooks for a row of single beds.                       

A bunkbead is tucked into a small room.

What Makes It Work

The space under the eaves, where no adult could fit, is perfect for a child and adds the feeling of security. A little shelf mounted on the wall offers a spot to personalize and a place to keep small toys and books off the floor.
The bunkroom has painted floors.
Steal This Idea
The painted floors eliminate the need for a rug and only get better with wear. They also provide a visually soothing background for the inevitable explosion of toys and clothes.
–Lydia Somerville, Senior Editor,
The bunkroom has built in beds and space to store toys.

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