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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Color - pink

Pink? Are you crazy? Certainly not a "first go to" color for any room. On the other hand - it is a cheerful happy and springy color. So why not? See how brave decorators used this color in attics.

The first image is of a bedroom. One accent wall was painted fuchsia and the rest of the color scheme is black and white. This create a visual balance between the calm colors to the "in your face" fuchsia.

In the image below ( saturated pinks were used in the decor. The vibe is sophisticated and dreamy. Very special.

Attic Bedroom Designs / Shelterness

In the two images below a white and pink floral wall paper wall serves as an accent wall. The linens collaborate in the white and pink color scheme.

Pink and red furniture and accent liven-up the room.

Same here.

Another white and pink accent wall - here in stripes. Using geometric patterns modernize the color and elevates it from a "girl's" color to a more mature scheme.

Lilac - a feminine color. A feminine room.

Fuchsia again. The modern elements in the room (floor, sofa) and the not-too-many items in the room contribute to a modern feel in the room.

Here is a old-time-feel room in pink ( The chair though is more modern in it's design. Cool.

Pink furniture.  easy way to use pink in a room without committing to much to it. Combining pink and brown is always sophisticated.

Pink accent wall in a guest room.

"Half & half" by RD Architecture, LLC ( in the next two images. Here too, the brown wood "mature" the rooms effect.

One pink dresser. So little, so powerfull. Love.

A design for a teen girl from H&M home. I love the combination with the blue and the yellow, So fresh.

In the next two images, here again, white and pink room. But here only the rug is in pink. Love.

Another version of the same idea  from fresh

Let's pink it.

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