While it's not our first time witnessing the transformation of attics into dedicated home theaters, this comfortable confine refines the purpose of having sloped ceilings, which contributes to improving the acoustics of the room itself. One more shot shot and details, after the jump.

The JVC DLARS2U D-ILA projector shines from the back onto a whoppin' 92-inch Draper screen. All of this is controlled by a Universal MX-3000 remote control.

As far as acoustical treatments go, this is what Kevin Hourihan, a custom electronics installer from Cyber Home Networks of Stormville, had to say about it:
"The space for the screen was limited, but Cyber Home found enough room on the gable wall to house a 92-incher from Draper. Cyber Home also chose an acoustically transparent screen so that three in-wall SpeakerCraft Tantra speakers for the front left, center and right channels could be mounted behind it, saving more room. [The homeowner] didn’t want to see any speakers in a room that was already tight for space, so a 12-inch SpeakerCraft Tantra subwoofer is also mounted in the wall beneath the screen, and two in-ceiling Tantra speakers provide the surround sound.

Something also had to be done about containing and controlling the acoustics in a room like this, as sloped walls can reflect sound in unpleasant ways. So the walls were lined with acoustical absorption panels that actually make it seem like a warmer, cozier environment. Thick rubber carpet padding and a ¼-inch-thick sound barrier on the floors and walls prevent sound leakage to other rooms and the master bedroom below."
The full article and details the Home of the Year in 2009 over at Electronic House.
(Images: Electronic House)