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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Houzz Guest Picks & For the Love of Grey


Is grey the new black? Well, when it comes to design I think it will be. If you’ve been reading interior magazines or reading blogs around the net, you’re probably aware that grey is very in right now. I often say that I don’t change my decor for the sake of any trend, but I do add some trendy things if I love them.

Grey is really a great color to use in our house. Honestly I can’t use it everywhere but I wanted to share this house to show you how good grey can look! As with everything else, balance is key to achieve a well designed place.

Living Room

This home has gorgeous furniture and accessories, many found in flea markets. I love the horizontal wall panels and the beams.

Tick Tock

This dining room feels rustic and industrial.

Abcs You and Me

Found it at a flea market, the owner uses it as smart storage.

Red Chair

These strong elements coexist smoothly.


Fill your house with poetry.


This kitchen is tiny but charming.

Yes Mix, No Match

The tolix chairs and the cinema antique chairs are interesting details added to the eating area.

Smart Attic

I love this sewing station located in the attic.


The other side of the room.


I love the combination of natural materials in this bedroom and how light it feels.


A white curtain runs the length of the vanity to hide storage placed below. Chic and feminine.

Are you loving gray a little more? Is it a color you’d add to your home? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this house and about this new trend.

I’d like to thank you guys that always leave me a comment telling me your thoughts on my posts. I read every single of them and I appreciate your opinion. It’s always so fun to know what you’re thinking and if you’re enjoying it. Before I had this blog, I rarely left a comment, I never knew how important they are to the blogger. For me, it’s not about how many comments I’m getting because that doesn’t really mean much when it comes to numbers of people who are visiting, but for me what really matter is knowing you’re having fun and participating. It’s so cool to feel the blog alive with what you have to say, actually that’s the real thing, it’s with comments that we feel the energy of a blog. So, I thank every single one of you that drops me a note. They always make me think, laugh and feel that I know you a little better.
Have a really peaceful and safe day.

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