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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

D&D DIY Attic Gaming room

From: Apartment

As someone who still fondly remembers cracking open boxes housing 20 sided dice, creating detailed character sheets and adventuring through imaginary worlds of fantasy realms, I admit the kid in me more than admires this attic-turned-D&D game room. It took 2 years to complete and showcases exemplary organization, housing a myriad of surprises, that we dare say, seems magical!

Shush naysayers, before I smite thee! This gaming room is capable of casting a spell of Elven Light upon entering (automatic lighting system) and Aural Projection (an integrated audio system). We also love details like a handmade skeleton key required for exiting, strobe and smoke systems, under-the-table lighting controls for the Dungeon Master, and an encyclopedic pine shelving library comprised of gaming tomes that stretch to each corner of the attic. Say what you may, but they did not half-ass this room decor project!

Yeah, I know you jocks and popular kids are going to ridicule this decorative scheme, but we're going to band amongst our nerd brethren with wand in defensive fashion and recognize the impressive planning and handiwork that went into the Burntwire Brothers gaming room. Fantasy decor with a tasteful collector's eye makes this anything but embarrassing (agree with us or we'll bop you with a mace with a +5 saving throw against trolls) and we'd only hope one day we have the pleasure of sitting in on a game inside the D&D Room.

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