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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Color - green

This s the first of a number of posts that will discuss using colors in attics. I do not know why I choose to start with green. And why not? Most people, including myself, would be hesitant of painting a room green. Thanks to the brave one who dared and created these wonderful eye candy spaces.

The first two images are of an attic loft by Stonewood, LLC ( The contrast between the green and pink is fresh.

Here is a green nursery. Not a traditional color but actually great unisex one. (bing.images). The wall color repeats in the rug.

This unique bedroom uses a palate color that matches green, pink and white. Again, not a every day combination but what  a room it is. Feminine, traditional and modern at the same time. 

Here an all green room. The walls where painted a darker more vibrant color then the ceiling.


An attic living space in green ( Awesome light.

Unique bedroom in green, cream and some brown ( . Island feel.

Another green bedroom, modern-traditional.

The next attic by Dufner Heighes Inc ( is demonstrating the use of very light green in a bedroom. The result is serene and calm.  

Another use of light muted green in an attic bedroom by Workshop/apd ( The result is clean and relaxing.

Here is a lime colored bedroom ( The color was paired with white and darker green (in the duvet pattern). The white adds overall crispiness to the room. Notice the paper lantern that was painted the same color as the ceiling and walls. Cool.


Here the green was used as an accent in combination with white and blue. The result is fresh and classic at the same time.

One green accent wall does it. (

Attic Bedroom Designs / Shelterness

Another use of one wall painted green in an attic Tim Cuppett Architects ( I love the vintage art.

The green in this room is an accent. Interestingly enough the green color was not used only in accessories but on the doors. I like it. (

Attic Bedroom Designs / Shelterness

In this attic all the walls where painted dark green. The white upholstered furniture contrast the dark color and update it.

A more traditional approach to combining green and white is demonstrated in the picture below. Here the lower part of the walls was covered in wainscoting and painted green. The upper walls and the ceiling where covered in patterned wall paper. This is one way to cover cracked walls. The result is romantic. 

A combination of lime colored accent wall, white walls and furniture in green and orange create a fun, light and "user friendly" atmosphere in this room.

This living space by Jim Courtney CTS, IIDA Affiliate ( was also painted lime green. The contrast between the dark/light colored furniture to the green creates a fresh contemporary mood in the room.

An out of the ordinary bathroom.Wood and abundance of green tile create a feeling of almost being in an outside garden.  

And to using green in accent furniture. Here the built-in floor to ceiling bookshelves where painted high gloss green. An updated approach to a traditional furniture.

Anothe use of green bookshelves. Here they act as both storage and as a room divider.

Here is a subtle way to use green. Paint the wall a light green color and add muted green colored furniture. The teal colored accessories  together with the organic decorations update what could have become a traditional look 

Here is an example of a smart use of a green pattern to liven and update a country styled bedroom ( Less is more here. Simple perfection.

Another bedroom design that uses green as an accent. Here they added teal for more "punch". Works for me. (

10 Inspiring Attic Bedroom Ideas - wave avenue

This cozy family room  by Zuniga Interiors ( was painted gray-green color. More green in different patterns was introduced in accessories.

  The next bath by Divine Kitchens LLC ( uses
 Same principles.

Below is a more playful approach to color and pattern. Here, and in the last two pictures, you can see easy ways to add dynamic color to a room without committing to too much (and sometimes regretting our choice later). The armchair is upholstered in a green and white patterned fabric. the walls are white. More colors are presented in the accessories. Lovely.

 Have a green day.

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