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Monday, February 13, 2012

Superhero attic play room

Superhero Attic Playroom
A stark-white playroom is transformed into a combination superheroes liar and a rain forest hideaway.

Matthew, Jackson and Tony are three rambunctious and creative brothers. They’ve got a huge attic playroom filled with toys. It is supposed to be a fun room, but it doesn’t look very fun. It is stark-white, cluttered and dull, and it doesn’t match the boys’ vivid imaginations. They'd like to see some superheroes, a rain forest and a swing in their playroom. Storage is also an issue. Their mom and dad, Betsy and Hap bought bins to keep the toys organized, but the bins are just lying all over the floor and stacked up in the corners.
Designer Kevin Perez completed the L-shaped, vertically challenged playroom for just $750. The right side of the room is given lots of color and character with some superhero murals. The left side of the room resembles the deep jungle. A wooden stage and a supply of costumes gives the boys a place to act out their wildest fantasies in a rain forest setting.

Makeover products
paint, building materials, carpet: The Home Depot
green netting: Hancock Fabrics
shelves, lamp, pillows, seats, rope ladder, picture frames: Ikea
slipcover: eBay
The white-walled playroom has been transformed into a combination superheroes hall of fame and rain forest hideaway.
Designer Kevin Perez uses 10-year-old Matthew's drawings as the basis for the murals.
The rain forest walls are painted brown to represent the tree trunks and the ceiling is painted green to look like the canopy.
Each member of the family has their own superhero identity. The three heroes on the left are Matthew and his brothers. They are "Morphin’ Boy," "Teleporter" and "Captain Spark." Their dad is on the left side of the window, he is "Super Dad" who can zoom quickly from here to there. Mom is in the right corner. She is the multi-tasker superhero with extra arms who can do everything at once. A storage nook is built over the existing window bench. The toys bins are tucked into the nook and kept out of sight with small gold curtains.
In the rain forest corner, an unattractive pipe is turned into a tree.
Painter’s tape and black paint are used to create the stripes and bark on the trees. The homeowners’ couch is given new life with a bold-red slipcover and pillows. Behind the sofa, the build-in ledge is filled with family photos and homemade robots.
The pipe is painted the same bark-color brown as the walls. Then green mesh fabric is used to create the tree’s canopy. The fabric is scrunched up and simply stapled to the ceiling. A ladder is hung from the ceiling so the boys can climb up into the trees and swing around.

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