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Thursday, January 5, 2012

An attic apartment

This charming house was divided to two apartments. The photos below are the upper attic apartment. 

Here is the floor plan of the attic. The apartment consists of a big room that includes the living/dining areas and the kitchen, one bedroom, walking closet and bathroom. The walls separating the bedroom from the walking closet and the living area are partition walls that does not reach the ceiling. The attic has 7 windows, that allow an abundance of light into it.

Here is he entrance from the outside into the apartment. Throughout the apartment the designer used a restricted unifying color palate of white, cream, dark blue and red. Another unifying element in the apartment is the use of different wood tones. From stained brown to painted white wood. The entry door was painted dark blue in connection to the inside colors.

Main seating area in the living space.

A view from the living room to the bedroom. Notice the partition wall between the two rooms and the architectural elements of the door.

A view of the kitchen from the walk-in closet. The white walls reflect the light coming from the windows. The lower kitchen cabinets and the window trim and shutters are painted the same blue color as the entry door.

Another view of the kitchen.

 A detailed kitchen cabinet adds interest in the room.

Bedroom view. The color palate in the bedroom is mainly whites and creams with wood accents. Just beautiful.

Details, Details...

This is an inspiring example of the use of space, light and color to create a fun, comfortable and easy space to live in.

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