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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Craft rooms

This time my intent is to explore the option of using attics as craft rooms. Here are some examples.

The first two pictures (Yahoo.images) show two multi purpose attics that include laundry, craft an an office space.

Image Detail

Can you imagine not having fun crafting in this colorful space?

In this simple and modest space the owner arranged for her/himself a comfortable craft area. This demonstrates that you do not need a lot of space and effort to achieve what you want.

Here is another limited space craft area. the colors unify it and create a "designed" space. 

Same here. Love the accent wall.

And... same here and in the next few pictures. Simplicity and function.

The next five pictures where taken in an attic that was designed as a craft room. Awesome use of space light and the colors of the materials as accents. 

Another, modest, way to store craft materials.

Here is an example of the use of limited space to create a functional space to create in. The awkward and unusable corner between the chimney and the sloped ceiling was used to host a craft table, chair and a lamp.

And to another well designed upscale craft attic ( Here the designer used a limited green and white color palate to unify the room. Using the length of the room four working stations were placed along the walls.

It makes me feel like creating something.

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