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Thursday, January 26, 2012

An attic apartment in new york

This unique attic was renovated in with an artistic flair. The design is eclectic-modern ( The apartment is long and narrow. The designer covered the ceiling with metal sheets. The metal contrast with the brick wall and adds character to the space. the brick wall is used to hang art. 

Closets and the entry area before the renovation.

The floor was made of stained plywood squares.

A look from the dining area to the living area. 

Ceiling meets wall. Notice how the metal ceiling reflects the light allover the room.

Another seating area.

A reading corner. An "antic" chair was paired with a contemporary table and table lamp. The contrast between the styles attracts the eye and adds interest.

The bed nook under the eves.

Interesting, different. A creative space, fun to be in. Great example of the many uses of plywood and metal, vintage and contemporary furniture and accessories.

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