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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Attic Studio in Stockholm

An Attic Studio in Stockholm

In a 495 square foot attic in the Söder neighborhood of Stockholm, Sweden interior designer Jimmy Schonning - a local celebrity for his role in the Swedish TV shows "Finally at Home" and "Styling Emergency" - has carved out a sweet and stylish home. His diminutive studio is chockablock with creative storage solutions (built-in closets; a washer and drier hidden under a workbench in the bathroom) and loads of personality. Photographs courtesy of photographer Per Magnus Persson. The decor is modern with a restrined color palate.

Seating area and loft.


A view from the living area to the balcony. Notice that the decor of the balcony matches the decor of the studio inner spaces to achieve continuity.

Schonning deck

Lounge area/reading nook tucked under the stairs.


Stairs to loft. Beautiful detail over the handrail.


Bed tucked in a nook.

Kitchen and stairs to loft.


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