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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Decorating with wood #2

This post will cover attic decorated with wood as a dominant material.

The next four images are from the Dylan hotel in, Amsterdam, Holland ( In this timeless room the wood beams are the main decorative component. Sooooooo beautiful and timeless.


The dramatic use of the beams continues in the hotel bathroom.

 The bathroom window details.


Here's another attic suite from the same hotel: a peaceful and minimalist space, and in the same time - dramatic.


An office corner tucked within the wood beams of an attic, by Whitten Architects (

Below - A reclaimed wood architectural element. The contrast between the wood tone and rough texture  to the smooth white walls results in a fresh and modern room. (

This contemporary bedroom ( ceiling is the main focus of the room. The height of the ceiling and the unique wood design are stunning.  

Here is an example of a rustic attic bedroom (  The wooden beams set in the stucco ceiling echo the wood floor. Simple yet so sophisticated.

Here too, some of the wood beams are set in the stucco. Beautiful and spacious bathroom (

Same ides done in a bathroom (House to Totally amazing.

More of the same idea.

This bathroom ( combines old wood beams and wood vanity with modern crisp white tub, old world fixtures and slate floor. Pure beauty.

In the image below ( the ceiling wood beams dark color is echoed in other furniture.

Here the designer used wood beams to create a frame that visually separates between the bed area and the closet area.

This bedroom ( was decorated with wood planks. Here again, the contrast with the white walls and linens create a serene and timeless room.

Another master bedroom with high ceilings decorated with wood beams. Stunning.

 In this one-of-a-kind master bedroom by LDA ( the vaulted ceilings were covered with wood planks. The result is dramatic yet warm.

Wood beams were Incorporated in the walls and ceiling of this country styled bedroom.

Beams in ceiling.

And more...

In this loft beams were used to built the floor and the stairs. Together with all white surfaces the result is interesting and contemporary, though the materials are traditional.

And more ceiling beams.

In this attic apartment the supporting beams were made of reclaimed wood that adds character to the newly renovated space.

Same idea.

And more of the same idea.

And more.

Beautiful rustic beam room divider.

Dramatic bedroom.

Look at the height of the ceiling. Unbelievably amazing bathroom decor.

Another amazing almost zen-like bathroom by Studio Santalla, Inc (

By Pamela J. Jenkins Architect P.C. (

By mark pinkerton - vi360 photography (

Hallway by Bosworth Hoedemaker (

By Rosington Architecture (

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