Monday, January 30, 2012

Built-in beds

Built-in beds are a common phenomenon in renovated attics. Here are some (beautiful and thoughtful) samples.

The first picture ( shows a smart use of a dormer space to create multiple sleeping options. The trundle bed can also be used as a window seat. Notice the lovely color palate of dark olive green on the walls, white furniture and paneling and red fabrics.



The picture below shows a short day bed built-in with shelves around for books. A perfect afternoon reading spot. All the wood used for the built-ins and the wall paneling was colored a Lilac color. An unusual color that is rarely used for these purposes.

A totally opposite feeling was achieved in this corner, by using white colored walls and dark wood for the furniture.  

This bed was "curved" in a wall closet. Here too, book shelves were added and created a comfortable reading spot. The use of contrasted color in the nook only adds drama (and fun) to the simple room.

This rustic attic by: Birseye Design ( is mostly a dormer bed. The whole space, floor to ceiling is paneled with wood. Here too some shelves were built in the top and the foot of the bed. Drawers are tucked under the bed.
contemporary bedroom by Birdseye Design

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Here is a picture of built-in beds crafted more then 100 years ago ( The maker is unknown. The beauty is undeniable. The craftsmanship combined different styles. The result id one of a kind.
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A white yet rustic kinda built-in bed ( Lovely use of textures in the bedspread, leather chair and metal stove, not to mention the wood all over.

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A white built-in bed ( The bears seam comfortable there.

A great use of color makes the architectural elements "pop" here. ( Notice the corner shelf. By: Soorikian Architecture.

This multifunctional space by Janet Kronbach ( This design can be used in other spaces too (basements, family room, addition etc.) to create room for different functions. From watching TV, using it as a play room to sleeping.

Here is a cozy room built to host four kids/guests. This arrangement of the bed maximizes the use of the room, which is limited in space. Since there is no window in the room, three pendants shed light, that’s reflected by the white walls and ceilings. The dark floor is in contrast to the white surround and light blue fabrics.

Here is a creative play/sleeping/storage area for kids. What child would not like such a room? Notice the curtains designed to close the bed and create some privacy. This area can also be used as a stage after removing the mattress.

Another row of beds in a beachy themed attic ( Here too curtained were hung next to every bed to provide privacy. I love the modern beachy color palate.

Another beautiful - OMG it's beyond beautiful - girl's built-in bed. The shape does it for me (

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Below there is another lovely shaped built-in bed by LKM Design (  Notice the built-in book shelf in the back wall. The curtaines can be closed for privecy.



builtinbed 8 by Visbeen Associates, Inc.houzz

111 builtin bed by John Schlesinger, AIA, Architect houzz

And last, a colorful and cheerful built in beds. Here again the beds where positioned in a row in order to maximize space in a narrow attic. Underneath every bed there is ample storage. Small windows where curved between the beds and allow the kids to interact with each other. The colors make me happy. Isn't it a great ending to this post?

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