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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A colorful attic apartment

Here is another attic apartment (

The first picture shows the floor plan of the apartment. The entrance opens to the living/sleeping space. The Murphy bed is hidden in a closet. This arrangement allows the bed to share space with the dining table. Left of the dining table you can see a ladder that leads to a loft bed. A door leads from the living space to the kitchen. A second door leads from the kitchen to the bathroom.

The next picture shows the seating area and the ladder to the loft bed. The ladder is set on wheels and can be moved to the sides as needed. This is a clever solution that also adds an industrial element to the room.

The dining area. The apartment is painted white, which serves as a blank backdrop to colorful furniture and accessories. The use of the same color palate all over the apartment adds cohesiveness and make the space seem bigger then it is.

The entrance to the kitchen from the living space.

The sleeping loft.

The wall that separates the living space from the kitchen and bath has multiple cabinets built in it. 

The Murphy bed hideaway.

The Murphy bed opened.

So... what do you say?.

To die for.


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