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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A 430 sq ft Rennovated Apartment in Tel Aviv

A 430 sq ft Renovated Apartment in Tel Aviv


Two reasons for me posting this article:
1.  it is not an attic but one can use the architectural concepts that were used here to design an attic.
2.  Though I am living in Pennsylvania at the moment - I am originally from Israel. There is amazing arcitecture there.

Place: Tel Aviv
Size: 430 sq ft
This is another excellent example of the use of a 'cube' as a solution for maximizing space, utility, functionality, and design.Following Tel-Aviv’s soaring housing prices over the last 3 years, many people were forced to renovate their existing apartments instead of selling and buying bigger ones.This owner decided to transform her studio apartment into a 1 bedroom, including storage units, a large separate kitchen and a full size queen bedroom.As a design solution, we chose to condense all the programmatic functions and storage units into a cube which was centered in the middle of the space, thus dividing the apartments into 4 zones, while maintaining a 360 degree circulation around it, which makes the space seem endless and bigger than it actually is.By adding sliding doors that disappear into the cube, the space can be altered according to the time of day and the various needs of the owner, contributing further more to the sense of a multi-functional and multi-layered space.








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