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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beautiful home - many ideas for an attic

my happy place...

wait! before you get lost in this beautiful interior, register for this extremely generous lisa leonard design giveaway...go do it!
i am not ashamed to admit it...i have a massive design crush on portland designer, jessica helgerson. i have proclaimed my love for her on bliss in the past (and you should really check it out), but since my latest glimpse of jessica's site i am just plain silly. all silly because of the tiny house she and her family have been residing in for the last several years. she chose this home because she wanted to live simply and environment friendly..."an experiment in reuse and reduction." love that! Refusing to change the footprint of this structure, it was all about making the best use of space; creating magical nooks and just the right amount of charm. it doesn't hurt that this home sits on one of my favorite portland destinations, sauvie island...5 acres of magic...

yep, a huge crush! when the frenches finally settle down, jessica will be a part of my dream space i just know it! xo mrs. french

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