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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fold-Away Attic Ladder

Fold-Away Attic Ladder
Gain easy access to storage space with a folding attic ladder.
After: A fold-away ladder now makes the space much more accessible and usable.
Materials and Tools:
attic ladder kit
three 2x6x8 boards
20 linear feet casing $1.15 $23.00
2-inch finish nails for nail gun
air compressor with hoses
brad gun
measuring tape
painting supplies
power miter box
reciprocating saw
safety glasses
utility knife
Before: Getting into the attic through a small high-mounted door was quite difficult.
1. Remove any trim pieces surrounding the attic opening.
2. Check the manufacturer's specifications to make sure your ladder kit fits the opening. Working from the attic, cut away the framing and re-frame the opening using 2x6s. After the frame is in place, cut away the drywall inside the new opening. When cutting the framing out, be careful not to cut through the drywall.
3. The ladder installs using four clamps, one in each corner. Place the ladder in the opening and clamp it into place.
4. Cut the casing to fit around the new door.
5. Fill the nail holes and seams in the molding.
6. The panel that covers the ladder is connected to the ladder frame from the factory. Prim and paint this cover and the trim casing.

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