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Monday, May 28, 2012

Shared Attic Bedroom

Shared Attic Bedroom

Before: This attic bedroom will soon be shared by two young sisters. It's bland and definitely doesn't say "little girls' room." The charm is evident, but its lack of color isn't bringing any of it out.

Keira and husband, Paul, have two young girls, Katya and Brenna, who will be sharing a bedroom in their 100-year-old Victorian home. Since her in-laws are frequent guests, the second-floor bedrooms are fairly crowded, which is why she's decided to turn the attic into a bedroom for the girls. Katya, a budding designer at the tender age of two, is adamant that the room be her favorite color, purple, but Keira is concerned the girls will outgrow it quickly. She definitely wants to incorporate fun, inspiring colors for a whimsical environment, but she also wants them to have longevity to last into their teenage years.

Jane's design tip: Purple is a great gender-neutral color, perfect for girls and boys!

Did You Know?
Long ago, purple dye cost more than gold.
After: The predominantly purple palette with touches of yellow, white and green turns the drab room into a whimsical, pretty place with airy tones complete with lots of pillows and stuffed animals.
paint: walls (Lily Lavender 2071-60); trim, ceiling, furniture, headboard (Simply White OC-117); stencil colors (Weston Flax HC-4, Lavender Lipstick 2072-50, Fernwood Green 2145-40) (Benjamin Moore, Canada)
Before: Keira and Paul want their daughters' room to be a cool place the girls want to spend time in as they grow up. There's no question that the plaid must be replaced with some girlish sensibility.
After: Remembering that little girls grow, the new colors will keep a fresh look for a long time. Simply updating the chair offers the perfect reading spot and the fresh coat of paint on the furniture adds to the charm.

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