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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Attic apartment # 6

From: Apartment
Small Space Solutions from an Attic Apartment


This apartment was converted from a top floor attic into a light-filled loft. With a few strategically placed skylights and some careful room planning, the designers organized a small kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and home office into a very functional home...


Designed by Altitude Lofts, the home uses skylights to fill the interiors with sun during the day. At night, special shades can be drawn. Storage is organized against the wall, below the windows.


Painted bright white, the stairwell incorporates stepped ledges for artwork display and cutouts in the wall for small storage.


Shelves mounted towards the ceiling don't take up valuable floor space. Custom designed to fit the roof angles, the shelves are divided into cubbies for streamlined storage.


Wooden cubes are used as steps, platforms, and stools. The apartment's neutral palette and minimal furnishings create a sense of cohesion throughout the space. To see the entire home from Altitude Lofts, click here.

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